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Meade King has an experienced Personal Estate Planning Department with specialist qualified staff who will be happy to deal with administration of the deceased's estate on your behalf. We can do as little or as much of that estate administration as your require.

Every death in England or Wales must be registered within five days of the date of death at the Births, Marriages and Deaths Registry Office in the district where the death takes place.

At Meade King we are happy to advise on precisely what needs to be done when registering a death or, should you prefer, attend to registering the death on your behalf.

The doctor who attended the deceased (the duty doctor if the person died in hospital or the family doctor) will issue a Medical Certificate detailing the cause of death. That Medical Certificate is usually provided to the deceased's next of kin or relative and must be handed over to the Registration Officer when attending the appointment to register the death

You can go to any Registration Office in England and Wales to give details of the death, but the death will not be registered in that office. Instead, the details will be forwarded to the registration district where the death occurred and the Registration Officer in that district will complete the registration from the information you have supplied. This procedure may delay the issuing of the Death Certificate and also the funeral.

When registering the death the Registrar will request certain core information which will then be entered on the Death Certificate. It is important that the information provided is correct. If any mistake is made, such as the spelling of a name or the description of the deceased's occupation, it can be difficult to correct after the register has been signed. It is therefore imperative to check the particulars in the entry carefully before you sign the Death Certificate.

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